Posted: 2/27/20

Dustdevil Diversity Spotlight: Dr. Alfred Addo-Mensah


Dr. Alfred Addo-Mensah
Dr. Alfred Ado-Mensah  

This is part of a series of interviews highlighting diversity at TAMIU. On the occasion of National African American Heritage Month, this interview features Dr. Alfred Addo-Mensah, TAMIU associate professor of Chemistry.


Teaching, Mentoring and Preparing Students for Graduate School


Tell us where you are from and what you do here at TAMIU?

I am from Ghana, which is on the west coast of Africa. I teach Chemistry in the Department of Biology and Chemistry.

How do you feel your contributions impact TAMIU, the community and the world around you?

My contributions are very significant and impactful. I do not only teach but I mentor the students and prepare them adequately for work and graduate school. I am also engaged in the community through summer camps that target kids who struggle with math and science. I see a lot of difference when the camp is over.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Jesus has been my greatest inspiration. Living a selfless life. I wake daily wanting to give my best to all around me.

Please share with us your proudest accomplishment to date?

Securing grants to enhance research and teaching at TAMIU.

Tell us what you’re doing today academically, career or life-wise and what your future plans are?

I’m working on my promotion, preparing students for life and also looking forward to be more engaged with the community.

Is diversity important at university campuses, at work and overall? Why?

Diversity allows for multiple perspectives in problem solving. In the area of science, it is very important.

Why do you celebrate National African American Heritage Month?

It helps me appreciate the sacrifices of our ancestors and inspires me to contribute my quota to the rich culture.


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