Posted: 3/24/20

TAMIU Providing Housing/Meal Plan Refunds to Campus Residence Students


TAMIU Village sign

As part of its ongoing COVID-19 response, Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) is enabling qualified students wishing to move out of campus housing a waiver of their outstanding housing or meal plan balances or a refund, pro-rated for April and May. 

“While we remain fully committed to keeping TAMIU housing open for those students wishing to remain on campus to continue their education here virtually (online), we realize that some students and their families may feel it best to bring their student home for the remainder of the semester.  We understand this and offer this proactive program to assist students and their families during this difficult time, ” said Dr. Pablo Arenaz, TAMIU  president.

“We’ll continue to keep both University residences: University Village and the Residential Learning Center, open for those choosing to remain on campus -- and provide a range of services and support required for student success.  For those students wishing to move out, options are now available depending upon their status. 

“By April 1, students wishing to move out of campus housing must submit a mobile move out form to be eligible for a waiver of their prorated April and May outstanding housing/meal plan balances, or a refund as of the later of their April 1 or later move out date as scheduled with TAMIU’s Office of Housing and Residence Life.  To be eligible for this, students must fill out the mobile move out form and properly vacate the premises,” Dr. Arenaz explained. 

“Students who have paid in full for housing and meal plans will be issued a pro-rated refund.  This refund will be less any outstanding University balances (such as book loans, emergency loans, Title IV return and others).  Electronic refunds will be issued starting on Fridays, generally within two weeks after move out.  Student recipients of Pell Grant or other Title IV programs  who withdraw from the University  are advised they may be required by federal law to return a portion of these federal funds. 

“For those students who have not paid in full, their outstanding housing and meal plan balances, excluding any past due balances,  will be waived by the University as of April 1 or the day of move-out, whichever is later. Additional information is being shared directly with current residents,” Arenaz concluded. 

Moving and processing out will be handled in accordance with CDC guidelines on gathering and social distancing. 

TAMIU joins other South Texas campuses of the Texas A&M University System in this initiative aimed at providing students and their families relief in these challenging times.

For additional information, contact the TAMIU Office of Residence Life at tamiuliving.com, or call 956.326.1300.  Emails can be directed to housing@tamiu.edu