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TAMIU Office of Alumni Relations Unveils New Class Ring Posted: 10/15/20

TAMIU Office of Alumni Relations Unveils New Class Ring


TAMIU Class Ring

Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) virtually unveiled its new class ring design Monday, Oct. 12.

The new ring design is featured in a video uploaded to the TAMIU Alumni Facebook page at and through an email message to all University alumni.

Pre-orders are available via the ringmaker, Balfour’s, website at

The retiring design is only available for purchase until Friday, Oct. 16. The 50th Anniversary edition of the class ring will be available to order until Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020.  The Class Ring’s design was the result of the combined efforts of the TAMIU Ring Taskforce, chaired by Jackelyne Briseño,  TAMIU assistant director of Alumni Relations and Alexandra Howland, Student Philanthropy coordinator.

Taskforce members were comprised of alumni, current students, faculty, staff, community leaders and campus administrators, including  Kazandra Aleman, Joel Caballero, Andrew Carranco, Bianca Cerda, Gaby Dueñas, Gina González, Jon Gutiérrez, Fernando Martínez, Stephanie Martínez, Dr. Lola Norris, Mario Peña, Dr. Alfredo Ramírez, Mariana Rodríguez, Christine Rojas, Paola Tovar and Abigail Zuñiga.

“The new University Ring encapsulates the spirit of TAMIU and our alumni around the world. I am honored to have worked on this project, alongside fellow alumni, students, faculty, staff and our community partners. The new design tells your story at TAMIU and brings to life the familiar bells of the Trailblazers Tower, the splashing of the Acequia Fountain and our beloved campus wildlife. We hope that every time someone looks down at their ring, they will feel like they’re back at home,” said Briseño.

The new ring design includes the University’s full name and founding year encircling the top of the ring. Underneath the University’s name, its history is honored with three stars representing the previous and current names held by the University: Texas A&I at Laredo, Laredo State University and Texas A&M International. A globe is placed beneath the stars to symbolize both the international identity found within the student body and existing international partnerships.

The left shank of the University ring celebrates past, present and future alumni. The aptly placed lyric, “Binding nations, hearts and visions,” which is taken directly from the University’s alma mater, describes the University’s global mission. Hearts are placed at the center of the ring, epitomizing the spirit of community and family.

The Acequia Fountain, a well-known campus symbol, is also at the center of the ring. The Fountain itself is shaped like a key, representing the key to success. It serves as an important element of the class ring tradition where students are invited to dip their ring for luck and prosperity.

Behind the Acequia Fountain looms the Trailblazers Tower, which honors over 70 Texas leaders who helped establish and maintain an institution of higher education in South Texas during a time when the education of Hispanics was heavily overlooked. The class rings spend the night inside the Trailblazers Tower to honor their legacy and inspire that same perseverance in graduates. The mariachi embroidery pays homage to Laredo’s cultural identity. The recipient’s degree initials are displayed on the bottom left shank.

The right shank of the University ring paints an iconic picture as campus deer graze the lawn of the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library. The Killam Library, which marked the celebration of TAMIU’s 25th Anniversary, invokes a sense of home for many students. The oak trees that line the esplanade represent strength and knowledge. Finally, the recipient’s class year is located at the bottom of the right shank. 

For more information on the University’s Class Ring, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 956.326.4483, email at alumni@tamiu.eduor visit


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