Posted: 4/29/21

TAMIU Offers Women’s and Gender Studies Minor Program this Fall, Prepares Students for an Inclusive Workplace


Dr. Adam Kozaczka  

As today’s employers place a greater emphasis on the need for social justice awareness by prospective employees, Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) is helping to address this workplace demand through its Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST) minor.

This Fall, students  interested in exploring the ongoing conversation about women and minorities in the workplace, which may have relevance for their future career, are encouraged to sign up for TAMIU’s WGST minor and its exploratory course, WGST 2301.

Titled “Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies,”  WGT 2301 is required for the WGST minor and designed to survey key topics in gender studies across a wide range of fields, said Dr. Adam Kozaczka, TAMIU assistant professor of English within the College of Arts and Sciences, department of Humanities.

The WGST minor uses an interdisciplinary approach to study gender in culture and society and the achievements of women in the arts, literature, the sciences and other human endeavors. The program delves into cross-cultural, historical and multicultural aspects of gender.

“The field of WGST analyzes the world in terms of gender, focusing on issues that are especially viable both in the popular media and in the University today,”  Kozaczka said, “WGST students dive deep into the Humanities and Social Sciences – areas such as English, History, Spanish, Sociology, Criminal Justice – and earn credits.”

Students who like exploring big questions about gender, sexuality, and women’s roles in culture, history, literature, and society, are encouraged to declare WGST as a minor, Kozaczka said.

“We will study folklore, literature, popular culture, history, gender theory, and new media as part of the course,” Kozaczka said, “WGST 2301 will help students on their way to graduation, even if they don’t end up joining the minor program.”

For more information on the WGST minor or how to sign up, please contact Dr. Kozaczka at wgstminor@tamiu.edu, call 956.326.3300 or visit the WGST site at https://www.tamiu.edu/coas/lla/WGSTMinor.shtml

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