Posted: 6/16/21

TAMIU Adds Micro Credential Professional Development Courses for Nurses, Health Professionals


Dr. Marivic Torregosa
Dr. Marivic Torregosa, Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences  

A new range of Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) micro credential professional development courses offers nurses and other health professionals an opportunity to expand their professional horizons and develop critical new capabilities to help the communities they so proudly serve. 

The micro courses, developed by TAMIU’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences and offered through its Office of Continuing Education, answer a critical need for credentials, said the College dean, Dr. Marivic Torregosa.

“Nurses are incredibly busy professionals who are eager to advance their credentials, develop specialties and enhance their service.  But  balancing a hectic work and life schedule can often make pursuing these opportunities a real challenge. 

“In speaking with our graduates and nursing professionals, we realized that there was a void we could fill to provide these needed and valuable opportunities. Delivering these micro credential courses online makes them accessible 24/7. Busy professionals can access them immediately and on their own schedule.  We’ve spent the better part of the past year or so developing these courses to provide advancement opportunities,” Dr. Torregosa said.

Torregosa said the micro credential courses focus on key growth areas for nurses, especially in starting or expanding business or service opportunities.

“These are areas widely explored by nurses and other health professionals as they seek opportunities to expand  earning potential and service capabilities.  In addition to these growth areas, we are also offering a Certificate course  that focuses on addressing the critical shortage of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners,” Torregosa said.

Available micro credential courses include “Developing a Business Plan for Healthcare,” “Management and Leadership in Healthcare,” “Foundations of Healthcare Reimbursement and Billing,” and the “Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (CA-SANE) Didactic Course” for the State of Texas.

Tuition for one micro course is $100; for two $175, and for three  micro courses $250. Students have 45 days to complete a micro course.  Those opting to take micro courses purchased as a bundle have 90 days to complete them.  Fees for the CA-SANE micro course didactic are $300 for the course which can lead to a Certificate.

In “Developing a Business Plan for Healthcare,” learners consider the purpose of a business plan and draft individual plan sections for their own entrepreneurial idea or a provided Nurse Practitioner clinic scenario. Participants learn to identify the audience, gather information, research, set prices, and describe their product plans. An overview of marketing, sales, and accounting terms related to budgets and organizational considerations is provided and learners come away with a draft of a business plan. They earn a  digital TAMIU certificate upon course completion  and passing all assessments. There are no admission requirements for this course. More information is online.

The “Management and Leadership in Healthcare” micro course is designed for healthcare professionals ready to manage a clinic or private practice. Learners consider three important aspects of managing a small business: organizational behavior, management and leadership. They participate in several practical learning activities applicable to the workplace and earn a  digital TAMIU  certificate based on course completion and passing all assessments. Participants with an active, unencumbered RN license and at least two  years of patient care within the past five years may also sit for State certification. Find additional information online.

“Foundations of Healthcare Reimbursement and Billing” explores  the basics of medical billing and coding and how it affects business and the budget.  Students connect reimbursement to the success of the healthcare organization and review steps in the billing process, office procedures, financial concepts, marketing, diagnostic and procedural coding, ethics, malpractice, the electronic health record, and handling claim disputes. They earn a  digital TAMIU certificate based on course completion and passing all assessments. Details are available online.

The  “Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (CA-SANE) Didactic Course” for the State of Texas is a 90-day course leading to a Certificate.  It is designed to provide registered nurses/advance practice registered nurses with specialized education in medical forensic care and assessment of  adolescent or adult patients who have experienced sexual assault or abuse. Learners develop knowledge of sexual violence dynamics, potential psychological and physical impacts on the patient and working collaboratively with the medical care team to assess, support, and advocate for a sexual assault victim.

This course is approved by the Texas Office of the Attorney General and is the first component of certification as a SANE provider. Laredo and Texas in general have been chronically under-capacity in SANE nurses and this course provides a needed solution. Additional information is online.

For information on course options available for nurses and health professionals and all continuing education at TAMIU, visit www.tamiu.edu/ce, email ce@tamiu.edu, or call  the University’s Office of Continuing Education at 956.326.3068.