Posted: 9/30/21

Dustdevil Diversity Spotlight: Dr. Fernando Quintana


Dr. Fernando Quintana  

This is part of a series of interviews highlighting diversity at TAMIU. On the occasion of Hispanic Heritage Month, this interview features Dr. Fernando Quintana, Associate Professor of Biology.


A Lifetime of Service to Higher Education


Tell us about yourself, where are you from and what you do here at TAMIU?

I was born in Mexico City, the year the Second World War ended. During my life, I have enjoyed a world of peace with only a few local conflicts. During the last 21 years, I have been teaching courses related to Anatomy and Physiology, Mathematics, and Biostatistics. I also have had the privilege to collaborate as a statistician with several scientists.

How do you feel your contribution impact TAMIU?

I love my students. Adaptation to college life after high school is one of the principal issues for our students. Every time I teach a course, I share with my students my own struggles when I was their age. My failures and my successes. I tell them about University life and their responsibilities. I believe that we as faculty members should think at the level of our students and help them at that level. We should not expect that they know what we know. By helping the students understand their responsibilities as college students, they will be better prepared to succeed in the very complex world in which we live.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration comes from my family, my daughter, Hongwei, her husband Luis and their children Nia, Carlos, and Camila, my son Fernando, his wife Amy, and their children Michael and Abby, and my son Rafael, his wife Aracely, and their children Adrian and Tony. They have helped me in my most difficult times in my life and have shared with me the happiness and sorrows of a family. I love each one of them.

Share with us your proudest accomplishment to date.

I am proud if I love, understand, and help every person I meet. I am also proud when I give total attention to each person that is speaking to me to be able to understand her or his needs.

Tell us what you did in your career or life-wise and tell us about your future.

I have worked for 52 years. I had the opportunity to work twice as faculty member in two universities, as an executive in private business, and I worked for the City of Laredo Health Department. I worked 15 years at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) School of Veterinary Medicine, I was granted the rank of full professor of veterinary medicine. Then, I worked as an executive of a Texas corporation for 15 years with great success. Finally, I have had the privilege of being a faculty member at Texas A&M International University for 21 years. The Lord has blessed me in every way. After I retire in December 2021, I will dedicate my life to my family until The Lord calls me.

Is diversity important and why?

Diversity is part of life. I have enjoyed living in a diverse country, The United States of America. I have always been respected by everyone and I have respected everyone. I am proud to be a citizen of this great country.