Posted: 8/31/23

Partnership TAMIU: An Alliance for Good Holds MOA Signing Ceremony



Four local community-serving agencies gathered to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) affirming their commitment to Partnership TAMIU: An Alliance for Good.

The MOA signing held Wednesday, Aug. 30, sought to enhance student learning at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) while also focusing on service opportunities that assist community agencies.

This year’s signing included support from several community agencies including the Azteca Economic Development and Preservation Corporation, the Laredo Immigrant Alliance, the Southwest Key Programs: Las Promesas de Laredo and the Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association. Signature partners sign three-year MOAs with TAMIU for exclusive collaborative efforts.

Through these established partnerships, TAMIU seeks to affirm its continued commitment to improving its local community, explained Mayra Hernández, Student Conduct and Community Engagement director. 

“Studies have shown that civically engaged students can contribute to a community's economic growth and build reciprocal relationships that foster transformational change. Transformational change is about adopting new processes and innovative ways of thinking to make the community more successful and increase the quality of services that provide a better quality of life,” noted Hernández.

She continued, “The mission of the University is to produce strong and talented citizens equitably balanced to lead in the community through knowledge application gained in and out of classroom experiences. This mission requires close partnerships among key stakeholders in Laredo-Webb and other communities.”  

Currently, University students have several opportunities where they can contribute through their local community, most notably through volunteer efforts and initiatives, explained Priscilla Cadena, Student Conduct and Community Engagement program manager.

“If students would like to participate in any upcoming volunteer opportunities, they can visit TAMIU Presence to sign-up. Another way students can give back and network with the community is by applying to the TAMIU Community Work-Study Program to work part-time with one of the many non-profit organizations that serve the public interest. By participating in civic engagement, students can network, apply classroom knowledge, gain real life experience, and positively impact their community,” explained Cadena.

In tandem with the signing ceremony, a TAMIU Volunteer and Community Service Fair was held. A total of 22 local community agencies were present and met with University students interested in serving their community and earning volunteer hours. 

Launched in Fall 2014, Partnership TAMIU: An Alliance for Good is a nomination-based community engagement agreement designed to enhance existing relationships between TAMIU and external agencies. These efforts help community partners to meet its agency's mission and goals, promote the exchange of resources between the University and community agency, and exhibit a commitment to social responsibility by addressing issues of public concern. 

For more information, contact the Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement at 956.326.2265, email scce@tamiu.edu or visit offices in the Student Center, suite 226.