Posted: 2/08/24

TAMIU Students Present at National CIVSA Event



Several Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) students presented at the Collegiate Information & Visitor Services Association (CIVSA) Student Development Institute in Atlanta, GA.

TAMIU senior and Public Health major Maryjanne Martínez initially submitted a session proposal that the conference committee accepted. The session, “Shaping Stars: Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders,” focused on how student staff members can grow as professionals.

Additional TAMIU conference presenters were Ashanty Escarcega, senior Elementary Education with a Bilingual Emphasis major; Carlos Juarez, junior Kinesiology major; Raul Reyna, junior Business Administration major, and Alejandra Vazquez, senior Psychology major.

Through the University’s Student Success Mentorship (SSM) Program, students gain the knowledge and skill sets needed for future careers in their respective fields of study. For Martínez, attending the conference proceedings was an opportunity to network and grow professionally.

“The conference was an amazing learning experience… Hearing about how various universities function was intriguing. My perspective on how TAMIU might be improved was expanded upon by speaking to students from various states and cities. I also had the ability to discuss how they can enhance their campus as well. It was a terrific opportunity to develop and enhance my networking abilities. Having the opportunity to participate in conferences like these is essential since it fosters both professional and personal development while motivating us students to have a positive influence on campus,” said Martínez. 

Through the SSM Program, students learn how to use digital tools to help inform and inspire individuals to make positive choices toward higher education and professional development, Martínez affirmed. 

“The most enjoyable aspect of my role as a Student Success Mentor is advising. Every year when registration opens and these students come to register for the next semester, it's evident how far we've come. I enjoy working alongside and supporting these students year-round, so watching them make that next move towards their future is truly rewarding,” said Martínez.   

Currently, TAMIU’s SSM Program includes the support of 10 – 12 mentors through the University’s Office of Recruitment and School Relations. Through this initiative, student mentors are encouraged to support aspiring college students currently enrolled at local high schools – by doing so, student mentors can take a hands-on approach to developing their leadership skills. Previous projects included student mentors designing tour guide pilot programs, holding interactive sessions on college days, and offering personalized mentoring, both in-person and digitally. 

University students interested in joining the Student Success Mentoring program can learn more by visiting Student Employment.

For more information, contact the Office of Recruitment and School Relations at 956.326.2270, email enroll@tamiu.edu, or visit offices in the Senator Judith Zaffirini Student Success Center, room 130.

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