Posted: 3/26/24

TAMIU Presents Collaborative Research Presentation ‘Sisters in Law Enforcement: Issues & Challenges’


Dr. Seungmug “Zech” Lee
Dr. Seungmug “Zech” Lee, associate professor of Criminal Justice.  

A Panel Discussion, “Sisters in Law Enforcement: Issues and Challenges,” was hosted by Texas A&M International University’s College of Arts and Sciences, department of Social Sciences, on Tuesday, March 26 from 3 – 6 p.m. in the Academic Innovation Center, room 126. 

This event was free of charge and open to the public.

This was the latest in a series of social sciences collaborative research presentations focused on law enforcement and community engagement, said organizer Dr. Seungmug “Zech” Lee, TAMIU associate professor of Criminal Justice.

“This is an influential community engagement initiative that will produce quality, actionable research on both local and national public interest issues.  Guided by social sciences faculty and scholars, the initiative will drive progress toward equality of opportunity for all, which is the unfinished business of the U.S. government and politics.  With the significance of Women's Month in March, we have themed this gathering ‘Sisters in Law Enforcement.’  We believe that this topic will shed light on important aspects of gender representation and empowerment in the law enforcement sector,” Dr. Lee explained.

The event presented two-panel discussion opportunities, followed by a research presentation.

Panel One, moderated by Dr. Peter F. Haruna, TAMIU professor and director of the Masters of Public Administration program,  featured panelists Patricia Mendoza, Texas State Trooper; Anita Guerra, Webb County Sheriff’s Office grant writer; Damaris Rivera, TAMIU Campus Police communications manager; Lupe Garza, Deputy Chief, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and also a TAMIU Criminal Justice doctoral student.

Dr. Haruna also moderated Panel Two, which included panelists Nancy Sanford, Deputy Chief, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office; Jennifer Shumake, Deputy Chief, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and Andres Nava, Texas State Trooper, District Coordinator.

The concluding Research Presentation was “Women in Law Enforcement: Understanding Gender Attrition Differences Using State Police Data,” presented by TAMIU doctoral Criminal Justice students Lupe Garza, and Carlos Alvarez.

For additional information on future related research presentations, contact  Dr. Seungmug “Zech”  Lee at seungmug.lee@tamiu.edu or 956.326.2476.

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