Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) evaluates student achievement in relation to the University’s mission, considering course completion, State licensing examinations, graduation rates, retention rates and job placement information as appropriate. These data findings are reported annually to the Texas Legislative Budget Board and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. In addition, The Texas A&M University System maintains a website to hold Member institutions accountable for measuring results. To learn more about this, please visit EmpowerU.

Selected performance measures are included below.


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Report Data

4 Year Graduation Rate with Goal

The University established a 4-year Graduation Rate Goal of 23% for 2015.  While the 4-year rate has fallen short, the 6-year graduation rate has been met.

Report Data

6 Year Graduation Rate with Goal

The University established a 6-year Graduation Rate Goal of 42% for 2015.

Report Data

6 Year Graduation Rate


First Year Persistence with Goal

The University set a First Year Persistence Rate Goal of 74% for 2015.

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Nursing License Pass Rates

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Teacher License Pass Rates


Research Expenditure per FTE with Goal

The University set a Research Expenditure per FTE Goal of $19,000 for 2015. Actual expenditures for 2014 are 8% below target.



For additional information regarding University Student Success Data and Institutional Performance, please contact the University’s Office of Institutional Research at 956.326.2275 or email ir@tamiu.edu. Additional data is readily available at this dedicated link: http://www.tamiu.edu/adminis/oire/