City Recycling – City of Laredo picks up our recyclable material once a week.  Recycling locations are adjacent to the dumpsters behind Cowart and Bullock Hall.

Light bulb/ballast recycling – TAMIU recycles bulbs and ballasts on a yearly basis.  Since 2003, TAMIU has recycled more than 7,225 different kinds of lamps and ballasts.    

Cardboard box recycling – A roll-off bind located outside of Student Center is recycled weekly.

E-Mail Footer –  Please consider the environment before printing this email.  Message displays at the bottom of all email.

Copier/Printer Toner Cartridge – Cartridges are recycled at TAMIU.  Drop off your copier/printer toner cartridges at Shipping & Receiving.    

Student Success Bldg (LEADS Project) – TAMIU is constructing the new Student Success Building to meet LEADS silver standards; possibly the first building in Laredo with such standards.

Student body involvement – The Big Event was planned in which TAMIU students cleaned the pond next to the University Village and helped cut Carrizo Cane on the banks of the Rio Grande.

Electric golf cart use – All golf carts are electrical with the exception of two police carts.  Golf cart policy has improved to restrict golf cart traffic on grassy areas.

Xeriscape – TAMIU has incorporated sustainable gardening practices in front of the Planetarium.

Collection of HVAC condensate and runoff water for other uses – Student Center, Canseco Hall, Pellegrino Hall, and Physical Plant have been retrofitted in such a manner that run-off water is collected and re-piped as make-up water for the cooling towers.  Since 6/16/2008, we have recovered/reused 700,000 gallons of water.  This water is pure and without minerals thus sustaining lower temperatures which help the HVAC cooling process.  During the hottest part of summer in 2008, we collected on average 4 gallons/minute.  So, what does this mean?  In one year we have collected enough water to replace 1 month’s supply of water used in the cooling towers alone.  This equates to a $10,000 savings per year.  The Gym, Wellness Center, and Student Center are also scheduled to be retrofitted in the near future.    

Mulching – Physical Plant has established a mulching operation, soon to be visible on campus in the very near future.

In case of weekly emergencies contact Physical Plant:


For after hour emergencies contact P.D.: