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Academic Probation

Students are placed on Academic Probation at the conclusion of any long semester (Fall or Spring) when their institutional cumulative grade point average at Texas A&M International University falls below 2.0. Such students are encouraged to participate to the fullest in academic support programs and to seek academic advising.


How did I get placed on academic probation?

Can I be dismissed if I am on academic probation?

How do I get off probation?

Can I still register for courses while I’m on academic probation?

What is required of me if I’m on academic probation?

Can I repeat courses for a higher grade in order to improve my GPA?

How many courses can I repeat for a higher grade?

If I earn a “D” or “F” in a course taken at TAMIU, do I have to repeat it at TAMIU or can I repeat it at a community college or another University?

Must I repeat a class the following semester or with the same instructor?      

Does my academic probation affect my Financial Aid?



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