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TAMIU ranked first
among schools that offer
Bachelor’s degrees for
students looking to
become a teacher in
TAMIU’s Bachelor’s of
Business Administration
(BBA) with a
concentration in Finance
was ranked second in the
The University ranked
third among schools
offering master’s
programs byToBecome-
TAMIU’s MBA program
has been ranked No. 3
among theTop 50
Affordable MBA
Programs in 2016.
No. 3
The University’s
Bachelor’s of Arts in
English was ranked
seventh in the nation by
Affordable Schools, an
online resource.
TAMIU programs are
ranked among theTop 15
Most Affordable
Bachelor’s degrees in the
nation according to
Affordable Schools.
TOP 15
TAMIU students and graduates can continue to take
pride in their alma mater with growing accolades and national
recognition that underscore the University’s visionary ability to
deliver its mission and Go Beyond.
According to the 2016 Student Success Ratings by
Eduventures, a leading research and advisory firm,TAMIU is
the nation’s top public Master’s-level university when it comes
to student retention. Retention rate is directly aligned to
increased likelihood of timely degree completion, which can
also spell substantial savings for students and their families, and
speed career entry.TAMIU’s retention rate, 78%, is also the
highest among A&M System regional universities.
TAMIU has been ranked eighth in the Top Ten “Best
Bang for the Buck” among the nation’s Southern Colleges by
Washington Monthly Magazine
in its
2016 College Guide
Guide ranks institutions by social mobility, civic engagement
and research; and also measures those that are the best value
based on net price.
Other program or specific rankings include:
TAMIU’s Rankings
Continue to Impress
What is your most memorable research
Three major events stick out the most: first, having my
first paper published; second, having a paper published in
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
; and third,
and probably most significant, my role in the cloning of the
Chinese hamster apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease (AP
endonuclease) gene. AP endonuclease is a primary protein
involved in the repair of certain types of damage to the DNA
What one word would you use to describe
TAMIU at this time in its history?
The one word I would use is DYNAMIC. We are a
dynamic institution, constantly looking for new ways to
improve what we do and to enhance the capabilities of our
students and faculty.
What three things would you insist that
TAMIU students undertake?
Students should engage in a research/scholarship
opportunity in their discipline with a faculty member,
participate in at least one internship, and experience at least
one study abroad trip.
What can students, faculty, alums and
Laredoans do to help advance TAMIU?
Students need to become more engaged with the
University community through student organizations and
participate in leadership. Faculty should always be involved
as mentors and provide student research experiences. I
would hope that alumni and the Laredo community at large
would engage our students as interns and provide shadowing
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