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EDCI 3304
Methods, Management and Discipline for the Early Grades
Three semester hours. (FL/SP)
The objectives of the course are to assist preservice teachers to develop a sound understanding of ECE-4 Learner-Centered Proficiencies; ethical/legal aspects of teaching as mandated by TAC rule 230. 191; developmentally appropriate practices; and TEKS implementation. Pre-service teachers will expand their knowledge and ability to use technology resources by incorporating various multimedia resources into their instructional activities to enrich teaching-learning experiences for students. This field based course will be taken as part of Block II component and will require activities that will be completed at a partner school. A grade of "C" or better must be earned to successfully complete the course. Prerequisite: Admission to the College of Education ,completion of Block I and 2.7 overall grade point average. Course fee: $75.00.

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