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NURS 3625

Maternal/Child Health Nursing.

Six semester hours, three theory, nine clinical. (SP)

This course focuses on clinical application of the nursing process in providing culturally specific care to childbearing women and to infants, children, adolescents and their family systems during the child rearing period. Clinical experiences in acute care and community/school based settings provide students with the opportunity to apply primary, secondary and tertiary prevention within childbearing, child rearing family-client systems and women's health across their life span. Critical thinking, health promotion, family-centered care and cultural diversity are stressed. Each content area (childbearing and child rearing) will be covered over a 7 week period with appropriate unit and final examinations and clinical rotations. In order for a student to pass the NURS 3625 course, the student will have to demonstrate mastery of each area with a test average of 75 and passing clinical experience. Students who cannot achieve these objectives will be required to repeat NURS 3625 in its entirety. To earn credit, this course must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. (Advanced standing for Registered Nurses.) Prerequisites: NURS 3314, NURS 3315, NURS 3665. Co-requisite: NURS 4463.

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