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IRB Committee Members

Questions regarding the TAMIU IRB policy should be directed to Dr. Jennifer Coronado, Chair of the Institutional Review Board, (956) 326-2673 or via email to

  • Dr. Susan Berdahl, 326-2658, CFPA 216B,            
  • Dr. Jennifer Coronado, 326-3060, ZSC 206,
  • Dr. Christopher Ferguson, Stetson University,                      
  • Ms. Zoila Franco-Hinojosa, 326-3025, (non-voting)
  • Dr. Roberto Heredia, 326-2637, CH205B,
  • Ms. Celeste Kidd, 326-3028, KL326,
  • Dr. Milton Mayfield, 326-2534,
  • Dr. Kevin Park, 326-3158, KL 415B,                
  • Chaplain Sergio Rodríguez,
  • Ms. Rose Saldivar, 326-2573, CH315L,
  • Dr. Bernice Sanchez, 326-2670, KL418B,
  • Dr. Marivic Torregosa, 326-2456, CH315D,
  • Dr. Marcus Ynalvez, 326-2621, CH 302D,          


IRB Committee Members are appointed by the Provost for a three year period. Members are typically reappointed for multiple three year terms to ensure continuity.

  1. IRB Forms
  2. IRB Members
  3. TAMIU IRB Policy and Procedures Manual (available upon request from