Texas A&M International University IRB

                                              Texas A&M International University
                                                 Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Questions regarding the TAMIU IRB policy should be directed to Dr. Jennifer Coronado, Chair of the Institutional Review Board, (956) 326-2673 or via email to irb@tamiu.edu.

IRB Committee Members:

  • Dr. Susan Berdahl, 326-2658, CFPA 216B, sberdahl@tamiu.edu            
  • Dr. Jeffrey Brown, 326-2596, SC124, jbrown@tamiu.edu (non-voting)
  • Dr. Jennifer Coronado, 326-2673, KL416B, irb@tamiu.edu                       
  • Ms. Zoila Franco-Hinojosa, 326-3025, zoila.francoh@tamiu.edu (non-voting)
  • Dr. Roberto Heredia, 326-2637, CH205B, rheredia@tamiu.edu
  • Dr. Anand Jha, 326-2581, WHTC217B, ajha@tamiu.edu
  • Ms. Celeste Kidd, 326-3028, KL326, cekidd@tamiu.edu
  • Dr. Kevin Park, 326-3158, KL 415B, kpark@tamiu.edu                
  • Chaplain Sergio Rodríguez, sergio_rodriguez@chs.net
  • Ms. Rose Saldivar, 326-2573, CH315L, rsaldivar@tamiu.edu
  • Dr. Bernice Sanchez, 326-2670, KL418B, bsanchez@tamiu.edu
  • Dr. Marivic Torregosa, 326-2456, CH315D, mtorregosa@tamiu.edu
  • Dr. Marcus Ynalvez, 326-2621, CH 302D, mynalvez@tamiu.edu          


IRB Committee Members are appointed by the Provost for a three year period. Members are typically reappointed for multiple three year terms to ensure continuity.

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