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Texas A&M International University
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Training

Questions regarding the TAMIU IRB policy should be directed to Dr. Jennifer Coronado, Chair of the Institutional Review Board, (956) 326-2673 or via email to irb@tamiu.edu.

Federal guidelines require that institutions train members of the research community in the conduct of research.  The Belmont Report is required reading for members of the research community doing human subjects research and is covered along with other materials in the CITI program training.  The CITI program is a nationally recognized training program that meets this training requirement. Annual training is required.

To enter the Citiprogram: CITI Program

This program allows you to self-enroll. Completion of this training is required for all research that is not Exempt.

Principal Investirgators include Co-PIs, students directly conducting the research, main student thesis mentor, or anyone else directly in charge of the conduct of the research. Initial training takes about 3 hours, annual refresher course takes less than one hour. Training may be completed over multiple sessions.

Research Assistants - are those individuals only involved in a part of the research project. Initial training takes about 30-60 minutes.

NOTE: Principal Investigators are required to maintain documentation with their research documents of training of all researchers involved in the project.

IRB Members - members of the IRB committee. Training takes about 5-7 hours to complete. Training may be completed over multiple sessions, and an annual refresher course is required.

Step by Step Instructions CITI IRB training:

For Research Assistant

For Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator

For IRB Member