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The following policies and procedures may not cover every situation that may occur within the facility.

  • Rec Sports strives to conduct all activities in the most prudent manner possible. However, due to inherent risk of injury in any activity, it is the responsibility of each participant to be aware that there are some assumed risks involved in participation. All participants are strongly urged to have a yearly medical examination and to carry medical insurance coverage. TAMIU and its staff are not responsible for injuries, including death.

  • Participants must enter through the main entrance. The use of any other exterior door is prohibited and will activate an alarm system. Individuals having special entry needs may request assistance from Rec Sports staff.

  • Use of TAMIU OneCard constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions in effect at the time of use.  Presence of a TAMIU OneCard does not guarantee current enrollment or Rec Center      membership.

  • Current TAMIU enrolled students may participate in Rec Sports programs and facilities by presenting their valid TAMIU OneCard (fees are covered through paid tuition).

  • Faculty, staff, alumni, university affiliates, and general community interested in gaining facility access may purchase a membership; ID cards will be activated upon completion of membership process.

  • A valid TAMIU OneCard must be presented by the card  holder to gain facility access.  Rec Sports staff reserves the right to ask for additional photo ID or presentation of photo ID at any time.

  • Upon entrance of the Rec Center, current TAMIU students are entitled to “three strikes” (meaning entering without their OneCard per semester.) Students must present a valid photo ID along with ID number to utilize the "strike rule."

  • Individuals may not use someone else's OneCard to gain  facility access. Unauthorized use of someone’s OneCard is fraud. A TAMIU OneCard not belonging to the bearer will be immediately confiscated.  An incident report will be completed. The bearer will be asked to leave. The bearer and the owner may face disciplinary action, and must meet with Judicial Affairs.

  • Memberships are non-transferable. 

  • Membership is a privilege which may be modified or revoked for cause.

  • Junior dependents must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Visitors must purchase a $10 daily guest pass upon visit and must complete “Waiver of Liability” and Par-Q form.

  • TAMIU, Rec Sports and its staff will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles.

  • Participants are asked to secure personal belongings. Daily lockers are available for $0.25 outside the weight room. 

  • Staff members are not permitted to hold equipment, valuables or bags for members.

  • Found items should be turned in to the Customer Service desk.

  • Items that are found in the facilities are recorded on our Lost & Found Form and placed in the Lost and Found box in the equipment room or at the Rec Sports Office. 

  • Those claiming an item will be asked to describe and sign for it.

  • For items of value, such as a wallet, purse or electronic device, University Police will retrieve.   

  • Each week, items will be transported to University Police, the central location for lost and found items on campus.

  • Participants may not place their own lock in the locker rooms and daily lockers.

  • The Rec Center is a water-only facility. All other beverages are prohibited.

  • Food, gum, beverages, and glass items are prohibited (exception: water in a re-sealable container).

  • Tobacco, illegal drugs and alcohol products are prohibited in the Rec Center.

  • To prevent bacteria & disease transmission; such as, the spread of MRSA, ringworm, etc. patrons are required to wear appropriate athletic clothing for physical activity.

  • Patrons must minimally wear a shirt that does not have an arm hole that is larger than one fist below the armpit and covers the midriff.

  • Due to potential injury and/or damage to equipment, jeans/ pants/ shorts with cargo pockets/ metal rivets are not permitted.

  • Shorts/pants must be worn at the waist.

  • Patrons must wear shoes in the facility and are required to wear closed toe, non-marking, athletic rubber-soled shoes in activity areas.

  • To prevent loss, damage or personal injury, do not wear jewelry during workouts.


  • Users must show their TAMIU OneCard to check out equipment.

  • Lost items must be reported to the customer service desk.

  • Users are responsible for equipment they check out. An individual who fails to return equipment or who returns damaged equipment must pay cost of replacement value to replace lost, stolen or damaged equipment.

  • If a patron plans to transfer equipment to another member, both patrons must be present to record the switch.

  • Payment for lost, stolen or damaged equipment may be made at the customer service desk.


  • Recreational Sports reserves the right to remove anyone from the facilities or programs if they are acting in a manner that puts themselves or others in danger, or in any way may cause damage to equipment and/or facilities.

  • Appropriate behavior is expected at all times. Foul language is not permitted.

  • Individuals or groups using the Rec Center facilities and/or equipment are responsible for any damage to the Rec Center property as a result of negligence or vandalism.  Repair costs will be charged to the individual (or in-charge individual for a group) as soon as these costs can be determined.  Individuals will be charged the replacement value for the equipment.

  • Bicycles, skateboards and in-line skates are not allowed in the Rec Center. Bicycle racks are located outside of the facility.

  • Failure to adhere to Rec Center policies may result in loss of Rec Center privileges.



The use of cameras and video equipment in all Recreation areas is prohibited without the approval of TAMIU and Rec Sports. Customers and guests of the Department of Recreational Sports acknowledge that photographs and videotapes may be taken during activities within our programs and facilities. By participating in our programs or entering our facilities, you allow that reproductions of these photographic materials may be used in promotional activities initiated by the Department of Rec Sports and Texas A&M International University.

  • Facility equipment and furnishings should not to be taken from the facility without the approval of the director.

  • Lost items and injuries must be reported to the customer service desk.

  • If any room is in need of custodial services, please advise the Rec Sports staff.

  • Lost items and injuries must be reported to the customer service desk.

  • Personal items deemed trip hazards are not allowed in activity areas (cardio, weight room, and courts).

  • Personal workout items deemed hazardous to self and others are not allowed in activity areas.

  • Scheduled events have priority in the Rec Center.

  • Return all Rec Sports equipment after use.

  • Personal belongings must be placed in a safe and secure place and not left unattended on the floor.

  • Dunking is not permitted.

  • Anyone found defacing or damaging gym court or equipment is subject to disciplinary action and will be held financially responsible.

  • Mixing powdered drinks is not allowed.

  • Do not stand on the benches.

  • For the privacy of our patrons, the use of cell phones and recording devices is prohibited.

  • Please keep your area clean; place trash in proper place.


  • 45-minute time limit on machines.

  • Must be 18 years of age.

  • Junior dependents who are 16 or 17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.

  • The use of valet towels and spray bottles are required before and after use to minimize the transmission of infections

  • Reset machines to normal settings after use.

  • To avoid injury, please utilize exercise machines and equipment for their intended use.

  • When using treadmills, the use of emergency-off clip is strongly recommended.

  • Please ask Rec Sports staff for equipment orientation when using unfamiliar equipment.

  • Must be 18 years of age.

  • Junior dependents who are 16 or 17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.

  • Workout towel mandatory (available for check-out at the equipment desk).

  • The use of valet towels and spray bottles are required before and after use to minimize the transmission of infections.

  • Outside personal training is not allowed.

  • To avoid injury, please utilize exercise machines and equipment for their intended use.

  • Standing on the benches is prohibited.

  • Spotters are strongly recommended for all lifts.

  • Safety clips are required on free weight equipment.

  • Lost items and injuries must be reported to the customer service desk.

  • No talc or chalk allowed.

  • Weights and bars cannot be leaned against equipment: mirrors, walls or pillars.

  • All equipment must be returned to its proper storage place after use and cannot leave the weight room.

  • Must be 18 years of age.

  • Junior dependents who are 16 or 17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.

  • For your safety and courtesy to others, please refrain from using your phone during fitness classes.

  • Outside personal training/independent fitness sessions are not allowed.

  • The use of valet towels and spray bottles are required before and after use to minimize the transmission of infections.

  • Reset Keiser bikes to normal settings and return to proper storage place after use. (Wipe down seat and handle bars with disinfectant and towel. Wipe mini computers on bikes with a dry towel only).

  • Neatly return and arrange all equipment to its proper storage after use. (Place bikes carefully in rows, weights stacked by lbs. properly and neatly, bands placed in order of color, etc.)

  • If you are in the studio at the time class is in session, you must be participating or have administrative authorization to observe.

  • Maximum occupancy for specific Aerobic room will be subject to class structure and activity; maximum occupancy may not be exceeded, thus classes will be limited in participation to reduce risk of injuries.

  • To prevent injuries, fitness class will be closed after the end of the warm-up period or 10 minutes after the class has started.

  • Please take all classes at your own pace and work at your own fitness level.

  • Rec Center reserves the right to adjust the schedule when deemed necessary. (Please check online and facility postings for current schedules).

Failure to adhere to Rec Center Guidelines may result in loss of Rec Center privileges.
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