Physical Plant Staff

Events staff- Specialized team that has coordinated and prepares all the behind the scenes activities thus enabling the university to focus their attention on more pertinent activities. This specialized teams prepares banquets, receptions, graduation ceremonies, and all other activities that fall into place seamlessly.

HVAC and Utilities Staff-Ensure the proper operation of all heating and cooling systems, unlike most home AC system, the university uses the a complex series of pipes that flow hot and cold water to individual components of each individual building, thus translating to hot and cold air in the rooms.

Electrical Staff-Maintains the day to day operation of all electrical on the campus, from ensuring proper lighting in the street and sidewalk lights to class room lights, and most repairs in between.

Locksmith and Hardware staff-doors and hardware are used thousands of times daily, it is the responsibility of this team to ensure they continue to operate as designed.

Grounds Staff- Ensure all the campus land vegetation is properly groomed and properly irrigation, as well as the wilderness portion continue to have that wild look that encourages hiding spots for the wild animals.

General Staff-Hauling, moving, repairing, and all around handymen that ensure the universities operates as needed.

Office Staff-ensure that all the staff are advised of any break downs, as well as coordinating major projects for the university.

Campus Safety and Planning

Facilities and Maintenance Services and Housekeeping Services
are located on the east side of campus in the Physical and Central Plant complex

Facilities and Maintenance emergencies contact:


For after hour emergencies contact P.D.: