Mail Room

UPD Building Lobby, Left Window

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Phone: (956) 326-2353



The mailroom handles all university mail either outgoing, interoffice and FedEx packages. 

SERVICES PROVIDED:                


   **Please note that the Texas A&M International University's mail room does not ship personal packages or letters for faculty, staff, residents nor students.
**Please be aware that we do not sale stamps.




  • Outgoing mail is sent out when the United States Postal Service delivers the daily incoming mail. Since the USPS delivery hours are not consistent, if outgoing mail is brought after USPS has delivered for the day, the outgoing mail will be processed and postmarked until the next business day. The earlier the outgoing mail is brought, the more likely the mail is going to be sent out the same day.


  • FedEx outgoing letters or packages must be ready and in the mailroom by 3:00 pm. Anything brought after 3:00pm will be processed and shipped the next business day.




  • If you have mailboxes assigned to your department, the keys provided must be used to open them.
  • When bringing outgoing mail to the Mailroom please remember to include:
    • The proper return address: Name or department followed by Texas A&M International University and the University address.
    • Provide a department account number in order for your mail to be processed.
  • When delivering FedEx packages to the  Mailroom please remember to  include:
    • All airbill (must be done online). Please provide us with two copies.
    • Provide a  department account number in  order to process the requisition.





  • Due to policy changes, all outgoing international shipments are only shipped through FedEx.


  • For more information on creating FedEx labels and airbills, please read instructions above.