TAMUS Regulation- 21.01.10 Surplus or Salvage Property

TAMIU SAP- 21.01.10.L1.01 Surplus or Salvage Property


Texas A&M International's Property Manager maintains surplus items and makes these available for instructional purposes to University departments, public schools, school districts and/or assistance organizations designated by a school district. 

These items are made available for five (5) working days after posting date.  After this date, items are listed on the Public Surplus website (www.publicsurplus.com). Parties interested in accessing this website will need to create an account.


Click here to view available items (last updated 1/9/20)






UPD Building, Room 162 (adjacent to WHT Building)


Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

Saturday/Sunday- Closed


                     5201 University Boulevard, Laredo Texas 78041