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Awareness of Latin America is a must for students interested in pursuing entry-level careers in the foreign service, international organizations, or multinational corporations. A Certificate in Latin American Studies allows them to enhance their skills and expertise with a broad knowledge of this primary geographical region. Completion of the requirements is certified by the Binational Center for Research, Education, Leadership, and Public Service (BNC) and the Office of the Registrar.

The rapid growth in relations between the United States and Latin America has created the need for professionals who are able to bridge both cultures. TAMIU’s international faculty and the university’s location on the US-Mexico border make a Certificate in Latin American Studies an especially attractive option for students.

This Certificate in Latin American Studies provides undergraduate students with specialized expertise for a variety of careers in business, government, and public service related to Latin America. It allows integration of an assortment of junior and senior level courses and encourages a multidisciplinary approach to meet the needs of the students. The broad offering of courses allows students to select those most appropriate to complement their major course of studies. This Certificate in Latin American Studies proves useful both in terms of potential career opportunities and contribution to the issues the region faces.

Criteria for Admission and Qualification
The student must:

· have a Junior or Senior standing
· be accepted in an established academic program at TAMIU
· submit an application for the certificate program to the Binational Center

Criteria for Receiving the Certificate in Latin American Studies
The student must:

· successfully complete a minimum of four courses herein listed as Approved Courses
· attain at least a 2.75 GPA in the selected courses with no less than a C in any course
· participate in a focus group scheduled by the Binational Center after completion of CLS required classes

Each 3-credit course has been selected based on its context and relevancy for fostering understanding of the Latin American region. It is not an exclusive list. Courses that also offer a regional perspective or those taken under a study abroad experience may be accepted as alternatives to the ones listed below, subject to the approval of the Binational Center advisor.

College of Arts and Sciences
ANTH3304 HIST3385 SOCI3308 SPAN4309
GEOG3352 PORT3324 SOCI4317 SPAN4317
HIST3301 PSCI3308 SOCI4318 SPAN4371
HIST3330 PSCI4309 SPAN3323 URBS4302
HIST3352 SOCI3307 SPAN3326  
A. R. Sanchez, Jr. Scholl of Business
Study abroad in a Latin American Country

Students interested in pursuing the Certificate in Latin American Studies should register with the BINC and meet with its faculty advisor. Students must complete the appropriate form with the BINC as soon as possible, but no less than one semester before completion of their degree, The BINC and the Office of the Registrar will provide, at graduation, the documentation certifying the completion of the certification.


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