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The South Texas Writing Project (STWP) promotes excellence by advancing standards and teaching beyond state-mandated tests.

True to the National Writing Project (NWP) professional development model, STWP:

  • Values teacher experience as the key to school reform and
  • Provides links to local, state, and national networks.

STWP promotes:

  • Partnerships with school, college and university educators
  • Voluntary participation
  • Sustained professional developement and dialogue.

Most importantly, STWP offers low- cost, effective professional development within the communities it serves.


National Writing Project sites focus on the core mission of improving the teaching of writing and improving the use of writing across the disciplines by offering high-quality professional development programs for educators in their service areas, at all grade levels, K–16 and across the curriculum. NWP sites share a national program model that includes

  • developing a leadership cadre of local teachers who have participated in invitational summer institutes in the teaching of writing
  • delivering customized inservice programs for local schools and institutions
  • providing continuing education and research opportunities for teachers.

In addition, NWP sites may conduct programs for youth, for parents and community members, and for administrators. Each NWP site is housed in a college or university and is constituted as a school/university partnership that identifies, celebrates, and enhances the professional role of successful classroom teachers. Texas A&M International University is the home of the South Texas Writing Project, STWP is an affiliate site of the National Writing Project.