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You might be wondering if the WGST minor is for you, how long it takes to complete, what the requirements are, or how this minor can help you in your future career. Below is some more information about the minor that answers these questions and more.

We are always happy to speak to you in person, too. For more information or to make an appointment with the WGST adviser, email wgstminor@tamiu.edu or call the Humanities Department office at 956-326-2470.

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Did you know…TAMIU offers a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies?

The minor in Women’s and Gender Studies is in the 2017-2018 Course Catalog. To declare the minor, just go to the Registrar’s Office and tell them you’d like to do just that.

Then sign up for our required introductory course if you haven’t already: WGST 2301 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies or WGST 2302 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies.


Did you know…you might have already taken qualifying electives for the minor?

The WGST minor is very flexible! There are only 2 required courses: 1 intro course at the 2000 level and the capstone course, WGST 4399. The other 4 courses come from an interdisciplinary list of courses in Communications, Criminal Justice, English, History, Psychology, and Sociology—in addition to advanced courses in Women’s and Gender Studies. Qualifying courses that you have already taken can be added to the minor.

For a list of qualifying courses, go to the WGST minor in the TAMIU course catalog.


Did you know…you can sign up for our courses as electives?

Many of our courses are WIN courses, which means you can use them for your WIN requirements. Similarly, all our courses can be used for general elective credit.

So, even if you already have a minor, if you are double-majoring, or if you can’t have a minor for any other reason, never fear! You can still sign up for our courses and learn all about lots of fascinating issues in women’s and gender studies.


Did you know…a minor in WGST can help you in your future career?

A minor in women’s and gender studies gives students a well-rounded understanding of contemporary issues regarding women, gender, sexuality, as well as how those topics relate to issues of class, race, ethnicity, national, and disability.

Sensitivity to such issues is crucial for future educators, law enforcement officers, business leaders, medical professionals, lawyers, politicians, and many other professionals.

F Word Event 2015
TAMIU students of all genders came out for a event
all about feminism in 2015.

Did you know…“Women’s and Gender Studies” is not just for women?

Women’s and Gender Studies is interested in how both men and women are affected by society’s expectations for them, and this field of study examines issues of both femininity and masculinity.

The minor covers other related topics that also affect both genders, including sexual orientation, gay and lesbian people, transgender issues, domestic violence, and the representation of both men and women in the media.


Did you know…that our minor program includes professional development opportunities?

Students in our minor have the opportunity to go to Lubbock, Texas, every spring for the Texas Tech Annual Conference on the Advancement of Women. Conference costs will be covered by the university. This is a great opportunity for professionalization and networking!

Similarly, the minor offers service learning options as well as well study abroad options. 

Want more info? Make an appointment with the minor adviser today. Email: wgstminor@tamiu.edu.


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