Echo360: Analytics & Success Indicators

The Instructor's Secret Weapon

Learning analytics give you a crystal ball into your students' comprehension.

No more guessing whether or not they 'get' what you're teaching.

Discover how learning analytics and success indicators work to keep students on track.

Uncover What Your Students Don't Know

Track participation and gauge understanding with Echo360 analytics for the class as a whole or for individual students. Data helps instructors tailor their content to address hot topics and support student success.


Review Your Daily Report Card

Get a daily report of which students are participating and the questions they're asking while flagging the topics that are getting the most views and discussion.

Know What Your Students Don't Know

Analytics in Echo360 make it easy to track participation and gauge understanding at both the class and individual student levels.

Identify Hot Spots

Heat maps show which recordings are getting high viewing traffic, providing insights into comprehension trends. Customize instruction on the fly to address hot topics.