Respondus (Test Generator)

Respondus is a faculty/instructor tool for creating exams but can also be used to edit exams, upload them to Blackboard with the preferred test options, and also be used to download exams from Blackboard. Respondus will also connect to a test bank where you can retrieve questions based on your course and/or book.

Installing Respondus

Texas A&M International University faculty/instructors may request to install Respondus on work stations for the creation of exams. Contact OIT at hotline@tamiu.edu for assistance.

Instructor Guides

  • Quick Start Guide (.PDF): The Quick Start Guides contains the essential information for getting instructors started with Respondus. Additional information for Respondus can be found in the online help (press the F1 key in Respondus) or in the complete user guides.
  • Complete User Guide (PDF or DOC): A user manual organized according to the five menus used in the “Blackboard” personality of Respondus: Start, Edit, Settings, Preview & Publish, and Retrieval & Reports
  • Demo Videos: This link contains demonstration movies available for Respondus. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the movies. Videos include: "Creating and Formatting Questions with Respondus," "Using Publisher Test Banks with Respondus," "Importing Questions with Respondus," and "Publishing to Blackboard."

Accessibility Statement

Locate the updated accessibility statement link for Respondus on the following page:

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