On-Campus Employment

F-1 students may participate in on-campus employment. Employment must take place at your school location and it could be for an on-campus commercial business, like a bookstore or cafeteria, as long as the work directly provides services for students.Such work is limited to 19 hours per week during the fall and spring semester. Full time (anything more than 19 hours per week) is permitted during official university vacation periods. No special work permission is needed to begin working, however, you will need to obtain a social security number after you have been employed.

F-3 visa students are NOT permitted to work on campus; however, you may qualify for curricular practical training or optional practical training.

Once a student graduates or transfers out of TAMIU, s/he is no longer authorized to participate in on-campus employment. If a student is offered a job on campus after graduation, he or she can only work based on optional practical training work authorization.

On-campus employment includes work done as a teacher or research assistant as well as jobs in the university library, dorms, dining facilities, and administrative offices.

Points to Remember

You can search for on-campus employment by visiting TAMIU's Dusty Works.

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