OPT Reporting Requirements

International students must abide by the federal reporting requirements in order to maintain your status as an F or J visa holder. You must report any of the following within 10 days of the change:

Students  on OPT

Go to OPT Reporting Requirements to update any changes to the following information:

  1. Employer’s name (company name)
  2. Employers address (your office location)
  3. Employers EIN # (nine digits long and the format is XX-XXXXXXX)
  4. Job title
  5. Employer start date (the day you begin working)
  6. Full-time/part-time
  7. Supervisor’s name
  8. Supervisors phone number
  9. Supervisors email address
  10. Explanation of how your employment is related to your field of study
  11. Any legal change in your name
  12. Report your residential address
  13. Any periods of unemployment

You are required to update this information within 10 days of any changes. Students who fail to report this information as required will be in violation of their F or J status and may jeopardize their SEVIS status.

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