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Jesús Treviño, Class of 2019, Current Honor Council Member Posted: 10/17/19

Jesús Treviño, Class of 2019, Current Honor Council Member



Over the course of Summer 2019, I participated in an exclusive position in the Summer 2019 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Honors Internship program. After taking an oath with my colleagues to uphold the United States Constitution and protect the American people, followed by onboard orientation at the Dallas, TX FBI field office, I was assigned to my unit/squad.

Every day with the Bureau I experienced an investigative-law enforcement world so extensive as only the Bureau can provide. The experience of being a part of the greatest elite investigatory agency has completely transcended my perception of the FBI, law, criminal justice system, world, and has helped expand my horizons extensively through the incalculable degree of knowledge provided me.

I was able to actively engage and become embedded in a magnificent collaborative squad and a highly skilled and multi-cultural work environment that delivered the Bureau’s mission statement: to safeguard our nation.

As the 10-week experience culminated, each of my experiences seemed to become a much grander and more exciting experience than its predecessor. I had the pleasure of being able to assist in active investigative timelines, help my assigned squad with intelligence collection, perform meticulous and methodical research, compose a 20-page report as well as draft a PowerPoint presentation. I participated in a command post regarding an active shooter and transcribed intelligence notes, attended various intricate trainings, seized evidence-sorting and analysis, geo-coded, maintained sensitive data sets, shadowed former personnel, attended briefings, and visited the multi-purpose firing range, bomb demonstration(s) and the teen academy.

I also had the opportunity to attend a unique monthly meeting which, highlighted and exposed me to the intricacies of the FBI and other law enforcement entities assisting each other with investigations through strong cohesion. I received first-hand insight about how and why law enforcement is able to flourish, remain unified through law enforcement partnerships, and maintain the goal of national security.

To say the possibilities and opportunities are endless yet rewarding in the Bureau is truly an understatement. I was trained and guided by the most caring, compassionate, fun, immensely intelligent, determined, selfless and dedicated individuals. They have made my internship experience the greatest, while undoubtedly presenting me with the most amazing holistically unified and diverse workforce.

All my encounters, my research, squad lunches, etc. have taught me that there never is a metaphorical “bad day” at the Bureau -- so long as we stay true to the mission statement that drives its personnel. I essentially have come to be driven by this ideology. I have learned that investigations are exciting, yet challenging and worthwhile in the pursuit of justice.  All aspects of the internship have been positive by a wide margin.

I obtained this highly competitive nationwide internship through an email to the student body on behalf of our local Congressman, Henry Cuellar. Of 15,000 nationwide applicants, I was selected to complete my summer internship along with a few others at the Dallas, TX field office.

My advice to anyone looking to intern at a government organization or in the private sector is to let your self-doubt fuel you, not control you. We almost always question ourselves, yet don’t realize how much of an important asset and impact we truly are and have the potential to continue to be.

Do not shy away and let potential opportunities dissipate. Remain positive and apply to the internships you desire with a dedicated and determined mind and heart and you’ll realize the possibilities are endless. It takes action, not inaction. Remember, you too may very well be provided with an experience that may impact your life…and lead to a future employment opportunity. 

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