Posted: 4/21/22

TAMIU Study Abroad Programs Make their Return this Summer


Brazil Study Abroad Students
Archive: pre-Pandemic 2020: TAMIU Study Abroad Students in Brazil  

Study Abroad opportunities at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) make their much-anticipated return this Summer 2022. Study Abroad programs have long been one of TAMIU’s most popular experience distinctions for students.  

University students will pack their bags as they prepare to travel to Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain through four distinct, faculty-led study abroad programs.  

Students traveling to Argentina will do so as part of the University’s Reading the Globe initiative, in conjunction with a Leadership and Social Movement course. Leading the combined program are University faculty members Dr. Hayley Kazen, Dr. Nicholas Hudson and Lilia Cantú. 

Fourteen Reading the Globe Ambassadors will make their way to Argentina during Maymester. Spearheaded through University College, this initiative provides freshman students with the chance to engage with this year’s common read, “Failing Up: A Professor’s Odyssey of Flunking, Determination, and Hope” by Dr. Barbara Hong.   

Since its inception, TAMIU freshmen have engaged with Reading the Globe for transformative international experiences Over 170 Ambassadors have traveled to Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, eastern Europe, Ghana, India, South Africa, Poland and Russia.

An additional component of the study abroad program focuses on developing an appreciation of international philosophies through a Special Topics in International Leadership course. Excursions during the study abroad trip include a tour of Buenos Aires, a trip to Iguazu, a tango class and more. 

The second group of students will travel to Belgium and Germany as part of another study abroad focusing on media and behavior. 

The program, led by Dr. Carlos Lozano, will include both academic and cultural excursions. This includes trips to Antwerp, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bruges, Ghent, Munich, Stuttgart, Tübingen and a three-day trip to London. 

Throughout the program, students will explore the relevance, impact, and awareness media has on different cultures, depending on the national media policies. 

A third program, led by Drs. Julien and Melody Carriere will delve into the beauty of Italian culture and language. 

The first-hand, immersive experience will include excursions like a day trip to Pisa and Siena, an overnight stay to Lake Garda, a weekend in Rome exploring Colosseum, a cooking class, museum visits and much more.  

A fourth program, led by Dr. Diana Linn, travels to Madrid, Spain and affords students the opportunity to understand the connections between Mexican American heritage and European Spanish roots. 

Throughout their journey, students will learn more about how to create positive interactions with their future students. Included in the program is a day in Toledo, school visits, a Flamenco show, and much more. 

Prior to their departure, students studying abroad are required to undergo a Health and Safety workshop, hosted through the University’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety. There, they will learn more about the health and safety measures they should take while traveling abroad.

Additionally, all students studying abroad are strongly encouraged to download the Travel Alert app. Through this mobile application, students receive additional emergency notifications and up-to-date travel alerts based on their location.  

For more information on study abroad opportunities at the University, contact the Office of International Engagement via email at international@tamiu.edu, call 956.326.2282 or visit offices in Student Center, room 124. Learn more by visiting https://www.tamiu.edu/international/

University news and information is also available online at tamiu.edu and through its social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.