Posted: 12/21/23

Spring Looks Busy at TAMIU with Campus Additions, Upgrades



The Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) campus is on the grow for this Spring semester of 2024.

On the horizon are groundbreaking for capital construction projects for the new Health Science Education and Research Center and the expansion of the Western Hemispheric Trade Center. Both projects will see the campus grow by almost 80,000 gross square feet.

These state-of-the art educational facilities are the first two buildings envisioned by TAMIU’s new Master Plan, completed in Spring 2023.  That Master Plan will be critical in guiding the University’s development and growth for years to come, said TAMIU president Dr. Pablo Arenaz.

“Great universities are the result of careful, deliberative planning.  Dedicating our resources to creating a Master Plan affirms the importance of a unifying vision guiding future building, land use, and infrastructure changes needed to reach goals, adapt to change, and align with our overarching Strategic Plan objectives,” Dr. Arenaz said.

Of these first two projects to be born from the Master Plan, Arena said they are strategic for the University’s continued growth.

“These two additions to our campus help drive program growth and expand impactful, teaching, service, and research opportunities.  In essence, they help us continue to Go Beyond. The Health Sciences Education and Research Center will create an interactive clinical building that promotes learning and research within the health sciences, one of our fastest-growing study areas, through interaction with the public by TAMIU faculty and students.  It will be a home for greater clinical/demonstration appointments for the community through public-facing communications disorders, kinesiology research, and community counseling centers.

“The expansion to the existing Western Hemispheric Trade Center will create an integrated business building serving as a hub for all campus and community A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business activities.   The expansion will house resources for local and regional business leaders and provide easy access and greater visibility for public-facing, and serving centers, increasing their use. It will also expand classroom and office space,” Dr. Arenaz said.

This Spring also sees several other projects and upgrades that will bring measurable changes to campus life. In total, 10 multi-million-dollar projects to improve campus life and facilities will be undertaken between Spring 2024 and Spring 2025 by TAMIU’s Office of Campus Safety and Planning.

Among these are a refreshed entrance plaza at the Kinesiology and Convocation Building, the opening of the City of Laredo/TAMIU Tennis Center, new research labs for Biology academic research, parking lot and curb stripping, continued landscaping upgrades and ongoing energy conservation activities to promote resource stewardship.

Spring Semester 2024 classes begin Jan. 16, 2024. Late Registration begins Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2024, and ends Monday, Jan. 22, 2024. There is no tuition increase for Spring 2024.

To learn more about TAMIU’s Registration processes, visit the dedicated Registration Hub at https://go.tamiu.edu/registration

TAMIU offices reopened for full services Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024.    Take a peek at the Spring Semester at https://go.tamiu.edu/springpreview

A look back at TAMIU’s 2023 is also available with the University’s online Annual Report, available at https://www.tamiu.edu/annualreport/

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This Spring TAMIU initiates the expansion of the Western Hemispheric Trade Center (WHTCE on this rendering) and groundbreaking for the Health Sciences Education and Research Center (HSERC).