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The Artist’s Exhibitions

Art Pieces From Other Artists

In addition to Watson's work, the Gallery is home to work from an impressive collection featuring artist friends
and colleagues.

Annual Texas State Exhibition of Ceramics and Textiles, 1949

Fifth National Decorative Art Exhibition, Wichita, KS, 1950

Los Angeles County Fair Exhibition, 1951,’52, and ’53

14th National Syracuse Exhibition of Ceramic Art, traveling exhibit

Midwest Designer Craftsmen

The Art Institute, Chicago, 1954

Four-man Show, Scripps College, 1955

Mount San Antonio College Faculty Exhibit, 1956

Twenty-five Years of Ceramic Art, Scripps College, 1958

Four Creative Artists Show, Scripps College, 1959

Ceramic Art Exhibition, Mount San Antonio College, 1961

Crafts of the Western United States Exhibit in Del Mar, 1961

California Design 8, 10 Pasadena Art Museum, 1962

22nd National Syracuse Exhibit, selected for traveling show, 1962

Lively Arts, Claremont, CA, 1955-62

Los Angeles State College Exhibit

University of Arizona Exhibit

Bird, Image, and Symbol Exhibit, Los Angeles, 1962

America House Exhibit, 1963

Alumnae Art Exhibit, Scripps College, 1964

One-woman Show, Long Beach State College, 1964

Museum Exhibit, Downey, CA, 1964

Exhibit at Interpace Corporation Headquarters, 1964

Claremont Artists Exhibit, Scripps College, 1965

Bullock’s Pasadena, 1965

Containers Exhibit, Otis Art Institute, 1965

SCDC Exhibit, Otis Art Institute, 1965

Media Explored, Laguna Beach, CA, 1967

Otis Art Institute Faculty Exhibit, 1968

Casa Colina Fair, 1968

San Diego County Fair, 1968

May Company, Otis Art Exhibit, 1968

Los Angeles County Fair

California Design 11, Pasadena Art Museum, 1971

Four Faculty Members, The Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, 1971

Marian Koogler McNay Museum, San Antonio, TX, 1972

Oklahoma Art Center, 1972

Wichita Art Association, Wichita, KS, 1972

Guest Artist, Women’s Building 1st Annual National Juried Exhibition of Ceramics, 1975

Three-woman Show, Gallery 8, Claremont, CA, 1978

Helen Watson Retrospective Exhibition, Nuevo Santander Museum, Laredo, TX 1979

Chapman College Group Show, Orange, CA, 1978

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