Campus Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

Are accommodations provided on the University Level the same as accommodations provided in High School?

In College, students with disabilities are covered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. IDEA is no longer applicable. Colleges are required to provide any reasonable accommodation that may be necessary for equal access to education. They are not required to design special programs for students with disabilities or have Individualized Education Plans.

Is my visit Confidential?

Texas A&M Internatinal University is committed to assuring the constitutional and statutory confidentiality protections and the rights in non-disclosure of students with disabilities. Documentation verifying a disability is not shared with any person or entity without consultation with and written permission by the student, unless prescribed by law.

What should I do if I suspect that I have a disability and want to receive accommodations?

If you suspect that you have a disability that is impacting your academic performance, you will need to provide appropriate documentation of that disability from a qualified professional to the Disability Services for Students Office (USC 138). The qualified professional must be licensed or certified to diagnose the disability in question.

Do my parents need to be involved in the Registration Process?

Students who are 18 years old or older are legally considered adults. Thus, the student is responsible for their own accommodation requests and disability related discussions. Students are encouraged to maintain open communication with their parents, as they can be a source of great support.

Will I receive accommodations throughout my University enrollment?

In order to receive accommodations, you must meet with the Disability Services Coordinator at the beginning of each semester. Accommodations will be reviewed and information will be updated as needed.

What is the most important part of the Registration Process?

  1. Have your Documentation ready.
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Be ready to be your own advocate. Your college experience will be what you make of it. This is your time to shine!


Texas A&M International University – Student Counseling and Disability Services for Students University Success Center 138 – Phone: 326-2230