A Requisition ("R") is created at the department level. Each department specifies the goods and/or services they wish to procure. The requisition ("R") then goes through an electronic approval process before arriving at the Purchasing Office.

The following are examples of when an R should be used:

  • Purchasing goods that exceed department delegated limit- $10,000
  • Procuring any services
  • Purchasing equipment/goods that must be tagged (added to department inventory, controlled property)
  • Payment of any memberships
  • Purchases are otherwise restricted on the procurement card
  • Purchases from or payments to foreign entities
  • Purchasing of software, hardware, customized/branded items

Questions? See our Purchasing Manual or contact us purchasing@tamiu.edu

Bidding of Goods and Services
Less than $10,000.00 Delegated Limit- Bids not required. Purchasing reserves the right to bid goods or services if it would be the best value to the University.
$10,000.01-$25,000 Informal Solicitation- Minimum of three quotes solicited (at least two HUB vendors). Solicitation time-up tp 5 business days.
$25,000.01 or greater Formal Solicitation- Minimum three written bids solicited (at least two from HUB vendors). Solicitation time-14-21 business days.

*Solicitation posting times may be subject to revision based on solicitation.

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