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Department Requisitions

When to use a:
Purchases under $5,000



Requisitions (R):

Requisitions created at the departments level. Each department specifies the good and/or services they wish to procure. The requisition then go through an electronic approval process before arriving at the Purchasing Office. Please see the following for examples:

  • Exceeds the departmental delegated limit of $5,000
  • Item that must be capitalized because it is considered a controlled property purchase
  • Memberships
  • Purchases restricted by using your procurement card
  • Invoices



Limited Documents (L):

An "L" document entered by an individual (creator) for the purchase of merchandise that is below a certain dollar amount nor requiring a bid. It is titled "Limited" due to the limitation requirements on some items and in the dollar amount. "L" screen documents will be used for (5,000 and below) Payment of:

  • Subscriptions
  • Payment of FedEx or postage invoices
  • Contracts/agreements
  • Car or bus rentals
  • Hotel direct bill charges
  • Reimbursements


                   Bidding of Goods and Services

Purchases under $5,000
  • Limits under $5,000 a requistion will be used
  • Informal Bids require a minimum of three quotes; at least two must come from HUB Vendors, these may be requested and sent in via fax or e-mail
  • Formal Bids for purchases over the limit require a minimum of three written bids; at least two must come from HUB vendors
  • Solicitations for goods and services over the limit are advertised on the Electronic State Business Daily
  • Whenever possible, the University utilizes available contracts to procure available goods and services
  • Once bids close it is the resposibility of each vendor to contact the buyer to obtain bid tabulation results

                            *Purchases less than 5,000 do not require bids.

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