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  30 SCH
EDAM 5301 - School Administration  
EDAM 5305 - Organization and Evaluation of Curriculum  
EDAM 5319 - Admnistration of School Facilities, Finance and Technology  
EDAM 5320 - Principalship  
EDAM 5322 - Public School Law  
EDAM 5325 - Instructional Leadership Development  
EDAM 5327 - Advanced Problems in Supervision  
EDAM 5338 - Administration of Special Programs  
EDGR 5320 - Foundations of Educational Research  
EDGR 5323 - Data Driven Decision-Making in Education OR  
EDGR 5325 - Introductory Statistics in Education  


Written Comprehensive Exam: The comprehensive exam is required of students choosing the non-thesis option. Students pursuing a M.S. in Educational Administration with the thesis option do no take a comprehensive exam.

Requirements to qualify for the Comprehensive Exam: Graduate students must have completed (i.e., not still in progress) at least 24 SCH and must have taken and passed the following core courses: EDAM 5301-School Administration and EDGR 5320-Foundations of  Educational Research.

Comprehensive Examination Parameters: The comprehensive exam covers substantive and integrative knowledge from students’ coursework in the Educational Administration program. The comprehensive exam will be offered on one specified Saturday during each fall and spring semester. The comprehensive exam is not offered during the summer. The comprehensive exam will be administered by the Testing Center.

Format and grading of the Comprehensive Exam: Each student will have five hours to answer three questions. Specific questions will not be announced prior to the examination. The examination is graded on a pass/fail basis. Based on the examination results, students may be required to provide additional written or oral responses to a particular question. If a student fails one question on the first attempt, the student may be asked to re-take the question. If a student fails two questions on the first attempt, the student will have to re-take the whole comprehensive exam the next semester offered. A student may take the comprehensive exam no more than twice. A student who does not pass the comprehensive exam after the second attempt will be unable to continue to take coursework in the program.

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