Returning Students

It is the student's responsibility to request and submit all necessary documentation for their academic accommodations each semester (Fall, Wintermester, Spring, Maymester and Summer Sessions I, II, III)



Renewal Process

  • As noted above, students are responsible for requesting renewal of accommodations. If there has been no change in the student’s disability status, and there are no adjustments requested to last semesters accommodation, it is quite likely that previously agreed to accommodations will be reinstated. Each student can submit a Request for Services form or log into Accessible Information Management (AIM) portal to Renew their Academic Accommodations for the semester.


  • If students disability status has changed and adjustments to current accommodation is requested, updated, documentation supporting the request for changes or alterations to the current accommodations is required. This will be accomplished in collaboration with the DSS Coordinator at the Access Planning Meeting (APM) once all required documents and required Disability Service forms have been completed and submitted.


  • Supportive (disability-related) documentation should provide information about the functional impact of the disability on academic performance in an effort to provide students with the most appropriate accommodations (see Documentation Requirements).

  • Students can always reach out to the office of Disability Services for Students office at 956-326-3086, OR email us at disabilityservices@tamiu.edu, OR stop by the Student Center 118/119 for any questions. (Because of ongoing covid-19 concerns and precautions, our office are offering appointments with the disability office staff in person, over the telephone or through a virtual platform to accommodate all students).




Important Dates:

Spring Semester 2022 renewal appointments begin: Monday January 3, 2022


Loaned Equipment Return Deadline for Spring Semester 2022: Friday, May 13, 2022