Computer Labs Support

The AV Media department preserves computer labs throughout the campus. The labs have the software required to facilitate the needs of both students and professors. These labs are located in Cowart Hall, Lamar Bruni Vergara Building, Pellegrino Hall, Killam Library, and Student Center.

  • Academic Computer Labs
    • Used primarily for class sessions.
    • Locations:
      • Cowart Hall: 113, 114, 116, 117
      • Lamar Bruni Vergara: 202, 205
      • Pellegrino Hall: 219, 221
  • Public Computer Labs
    • Used for any purpose.
    • Locations:
      • Killam Library: Right side, Second Floor. This location has 32 computers.
      • Student Center: 202, Next to Ballroom. This location has 119 computers. 
    • Students can access public lab software following the link below.
  • Installed Software in the Lab