Lab Support


Below you will find the software used in our laboratories. Keep in mind that these rooms are reserved for classroom usage and availability is subject to change.



Academic Innovative Center 108, 109, 203 & 204
Cowart Hall 113, 114, 116 & 117
Lamar Bruni Vergara 202
Pellegrino Hall 211, 219 & 221



Killam Library  2nd Floor (Right Side)
Student Center  202 (Next to Ballroom)


Pre- Installed Software

 Browser Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
 Presentation Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel
 Educational LockDown Browser, SPSS, Echo360
 Management  Faronics Insight (Professor)


All pre-installed software is included in every laboratory.  Any specific software must be approved before any attempt can be made. 

Location may vary.


AutoCAD Fusion 360 Spartan
MatLab SSH Secure Shell Visual Studio
MiniTab Gantt Project SAS
MasterCAM LabView Unity


Location: 202 

AutoCAD Fusion 360 Maple *
MatLab Visual Studio  SSH Secure Shell
MiniTab Gantt Project SAS
MasterCAM Lab View Unity


Locations: 108, 109, 203 & 204

* Included in package


Visual Studio 


* Locations: 113, 114, 116 & 117 



For assistance, please contact AV Media at 956-326-2017 or 956-326-2019