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What you can do

Echo360 has a solution for every teaching style. Whether you want to flip your classroom,
teach a distance course or help students with unique learning needs,
the choice is yours. Open up a new world of learning and remember why you started teaching in the first place.


Flipped Classroom

Capture, share and assign your first flipped classroom recording in less than an hour.

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Student Engagement

Add polls, quizzes and other activities to your presentations and watch participation soar.

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Course Replay

Easily record instructional videos that students can watch anywhere, anytime.

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Distance Learning & MOOCs

Connect students and instructors beyond the four walls of the classroom and around the world.

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Learning Analytics & Indicators

Flag hot spots, see who’s participating and identify struggling students well before exam time.

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Make sure your instruction is accessible to all students with disabilities or special learning needs.

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For more information or a demonstration of how ECHO360 can benefit you and your students,
please contact an eLearning Coordinator email or the Instructional Technology Video Specialists email.