Frequently Asked Questions

As a first generation, several questions arise. Among several of those, here are five of the frequently asked questions for first gens. Explore and learn more about these as well as their answers below:

Well, there are several ways but here are a couple: 1) contact our TAMIU TRiO Programs via email or phone and/or 2) visit our TRiO Programs website (see "What Is First Generation?"). 

The short answer is no. First generation is based solely on your parent(s) not your sibling(s). 

Yes. For the most part, one or both parents need to have a bachelor's degree for you not to be considered first generation anymore, with some exceptions though. Contact TRiO for more info.  

In a way, yes, but you would have to contact our TAMIU TRiO Programs for further clarification and assistance to accurately determine if you may also be considered fully first generation.