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The TRiO Programs are federally funded programs through the U.S. Department of Education that provide academic assistance to eligible undergraduate students. The programs provide tutoring, counseling, academic coaching, mentoring, and other support services to low-income, first-generation or students with disabilities. The goal of the Texas A&M International University TRiO Programs is to increase retention and graduation rates and to foster an institutional climate supportive of the success of every program participant.

TAMIU currently offers two programs to support student needs: TRiO and TRiO STEM. Review eligibility requirements and apply to be part of the TRiO family! Please note, you can only be part of one of the TRiO Programs, not both. 


Program application must include:

  1. TRiO or TRiO STEM Program Application 
  2. Unofficial Transcript (if applicable)
  3. Current Class Schedule
  4. Permanent Resident Alien Card (if applicable) 
  5. Guardian’s 1040 Form (if applicable) or Student Aid Report from FAFSA 
  6. Applicant’s 1040 Form (if applicable) 
Students TRiO Program


TRiO Program provides tutoring, counseling, academic coaching, and other support services to program participants. 


Services Provided by TRiO

  • Academic advising and personal counseling 
  • Tutoring one-on-one or small groups
  • Academic coaching
  • Financial literacy
  • Workshops to meet student needs
  • Leadership opportunities 
  • TRiO Program Computer Lab
  • Career shadowing and/or internships
  • Additional financial and other resources  




TRiO STEM program is designed for students majoring in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and health sciences by offering a variety of services tailored to meet their individual needs.

Services Provided by TRiO STEM

  • Faculty and peer mentoring
  • Summer Scholarships
  • Pathways summer program
  • Career shadowing and/or internships 
  • Academic advising and coaching
  • Pre-registration
  • Assistance with financial resources and financial literacy
  • Workshops to meet student needs
  • STEM conferences and leadership opportunities 

For more information, please email leticia.cruz@tamiu.edu

TRiO Application

For more information, please email triostem@tamiu.edu 

TRiO STEM Application

TRiO participants must be a citizen or national of the United States or meet the residency requirements for Federal student financial assistance. 

  • Be enrolled  or accepted for enrollment at TAMIU.
  • Have a need for academic support, as determined by TAMIU TRiO, in order to successfully pursue a postsecondary educational program.
  • Be—
    • A low-income individual;
    • A first-generation* college student; or
    • An individual with disabilities. 

*A first-generation student is defined as:

  1. A student neither of whose natural or adoptive parents received a baccalaureate degree;
  2. A student who, prior to the age of 18, regularly resided with and received support from only one parent and whose supporting parent did not receive a baccalaureate degree; or
  3. An individual who, prior to the age of 18, did not regularly reside with or receive support from a natural or an adoptive parent. 

If you meet the program eligibility, you can apply to the TRiO or TRiO STEM program at any point of your undergraduate career. Please complete the appropriate application and provide required documentation.

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