Peer Reviewers at TAMIU

Quality Matters promotes a peer review process and provides a database of trained QM Peer Reviews eligible for assignment to a peer review team.

Role of QM Peer and Master Reviewers

Faculty members desiring to become peer reviewers at TAMIU will obtain the following duties in a course review:

  • Assist in bringing a course to meet and achieve QM expectations.
  • Assume a mentorship role for Faculty Online Course Developers.
  • Dedicate at least three weeks for course review:
    • Convene with Peer Review Team
    • Independently review a course(s)
    • Make decisions regarding modifications and revisions
    • Write constructive feedback and make appropriate suggestions

Experienced peer reviewers may become master reviewers for course reviews. Their role includes:

  • Guiding the entire review process.
  • Ensuring the rigor and consistency of the peer review process.
  • Coaching peers to ensure helpful recommendations are provided for course improvements.

Benefits of a QM Peer Reviewer

As a peer reviewer, the following benefits will be incurred with the faculty member's participation:

  • Become an integral part of the improvement of the quality of our online courses
  • Receive national QM certification recognition
  • Become part of a prestigious QM Peer Reviewer database

QM Peer Reviewers at TAMIU

Our current list of TAMIU peer reviewers include:

Dr. Patricia Abrego
Dr. Patricia Abrego

Jacqueline Benavides
Prof. Jacqueline Benavides

Dr. Frances Bernat
Dr. Frances Bernat

Dr. Whitney Bischoff
Dr. Whitney Bischoff

Dr. Kelly Frailing
Dr. Kelly Frailing

Dr. Milton Mayfield
Dr. Milton Mayfield

Dr. James Norris
Dr. James Norris

Daniela Rodriguez
Ms. Daniela Rodriguez

Dr. Bernice Sanchez
Dr. Bernice Sanchez

Dr. Patricia Uribe
Dr. Patricia Uribe

Dr. Loudres Viloria
Dr. Maria D. Viloria

Mr. Robert Vela
Mr. Roberto Vela

Our current list of TAMIU master reviewers include:

  • Dr. Patricia Abrego
  • Dr. Frances Bernat
  • Dr. Whitney Bischoff

Interested in becoming a QM Peer Reviewer at TAMIU?

To become a peer reviewer, the following pre-requisites must be met:

  • Must be an experienced online instructor having taught within the past eighteen months, either full-time faculty or adjunct.
  • Must attend and successfully complete Quality Matters workshops: Applying the QM Rubric workshop and the Peer Reviewer Course
  • A peer reviewer application and current Memo of Understanding must be on file with Quality Matters.

Faculty members interested in becoming a peer reviewer for TAMIU may email elearning@tamiu.edu to begin the process in becoming certified as peer reviewer.

For more information, please contact eLearning at elearning@tamiu.edu or at 956.326.2972.

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