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Signature Courses at TAMIU!

Signature Courses (UNIV 1402) are unique courses that intertwine varied disciplines so that an integrated inquiry is pursued. Signature courses are part of the Core Curriculum which provide opportunities for students to explore cross disciplinary topics through the development of rigorous intellectual skills expected of college students.  These courses target freshman students early in their college careers in an intellectually engaging multi-disciplinary experience.  Signature Courses cultivate skills that are needed to become successful in meeting academic rigor expected in postsecondary settings. 

Signature Courses differ from other college courses because they provide a unique experience for unraveling a key or essential question or problem through multiple and interdisciplinary areas and differing perspectives.  Through the integration of varied disciplines, mixed with co-curricular campus intra-action activities, students become actively engaged with perplexing issues that bridge the past with the present.  Students are challenged by the best professors through captivated exploration of diverse large and small group interaction.  From the onset, freshmen develop skills in communication, both oral and written; critical thinking; and teamwork which nurture and encourage future habits of mind.

Format of Signature Courses:

  • Each signature course is a four (4) semester credit hour (SCH) course divided into two sections: a large class of 150 students, followed by a smaller seminar session of 25-30 students each. Exceptional faculty fellows provide the exploratory interdisciplinary content followed by seminar leaders who extend and channel the students’ intellectual capacity and learning through oral and written discourse, ultimately concluding in a teamwork research project.   
  • Signature courses are offered each Spring with varied topics. Check out Signature Course Homepage for more information!


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