Campus Food Distribution

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Campus Food Distribution Guidelines

All food distribution on campus (sold or given away) must meet the following minimum guidelines to distribute food on campus grounds.

Student Organizations

TAMIU students/employees who distribute food on campus must:

  1. Attend and receive a food permit offered through the Safety/Risk Management Office.

  2. Students must receive approval from the Office of Student Activities and submit an Event Registration Form.

  3. Employees must receive written approval from Food Contractor.

  4. If working with outside vendors that will be on campus, student group/organization must make sure all requirements listed below are met with copies submitted to the Office of Student Activities.

If students wish to distribute food off campus, they must meet with the City of Laredo Health Department to receive their permit and receive approval from the Office of Student Activities.  For additional Food Handling Tips click here.

Outside Vendors

Food Distribution from off campus vendors must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Coordinated through Event Services.

  2. Receive written permission from our Food Contractor.

  3. Obtain a temporary food permit from the City of Laredo Health Department located at 2600 Cedar. (approximately $20)

  4. Present the permit to the Event Services 4 days prior to event.

  5. Provide proof of general liability insurance coverage to Event Services

  6. Departments or organizations providing more than one outside vendor must provide a list of all vendors to Event Services.

Should you have any questions or concerns, you should contact the Office of Student Activities at 956-326-2280 or Event Services at 956-326-2931.