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Graduate Studies Forms

Comprehensive Exam Forms

Comprehensive Registration Form

Comprehensive Exam Form

Request for Service on a Graduate Advisory Committee


Graduate Student Forms

Change of Entry Form - To defer or change admission term.

Post-Baccalaureate Request Form - To request to be coded as a post-baccalaureate student.

Copyright and Availability Form - For Ph.D. students

Course Extension Form - To request credit for expired graduate coursework.

FERPA Parent Release Form

Minor/Concentration/Catalog Form - To request change of minor, concentration, catalog, or thesis track.

Leave of Absence Form - To request a temporary leave of absence.

Scholastic Deficiency Appeal Application - To appeal suspension, dismissal, or expulsion from graduate studies.

Scholastic Deficiency Petition for Readmission or Reinstatement

Student Right to Privacy

Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Course Form - To enroll in graduate courses as an Undergraduate.



Graduate Assistant Tuition Adjustment Form (For Graduate Student Assistantships & Faculty Only)

GA- Teaching Accountability Form