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Imagine 2045

In 2020, Texas A&M International University will celebrate its 50th year as an institution and its 25th year on this campus as a four-year university.

Now is the time to plan for the next 25 years, to look ahead to 2045, and develop a strategic approach for ensuring that we continue to a) meet the academic, intellectual, and cultural needs of the residents of the Laredo region, b) be an economic engine for the region, and c) provide the human capital needed to fuel that economic growth. To that end, we are forming the Vision 2045 Committee who will look at various aspects of the University and the University’s relationship with the Laredo community and the region. The committee will consist of members of the University, including alumni, and representatives from the community. Structurally, the committee will be overseen by two co-chairs—one from the University and the other from the community. There will be five sub-committees, each co-chaired by a University and a community representative. The committee co-chairs and the sub-committee co-chairs will form the executive committee.

Each Committee and its respective charge is below:

  • Develop recommendations on how TAMIU can enhance the educational opportunities in the region over the next 10-15 years, including new degree programs relevant to the region.
  • Examine how we should promote higher education in the region to improve the percentage of young people obtaining higher education degrees.

Kathy Navarro (Educator)
James O’Meara (Dean, College of Education)

Community Members University Members
Cindy Collazo (Retired) Juan Lira (Professor Emeritus of Education)
Maggie Martinez (Laredo ISD) Cassandra Wheeler (Director, Career Services)
Tata Martinez (Doctor’s Hospital) Andrew Hazelton (Assistant Professor, History)
Eddie Macdonald (Laredo Community College) Jessica Treviño (Assoc. Director, Recruitment)
Cynthia Conchas (Retired) Marcus Ynalvez (Associate Dean)
Kameron Jorgensen (Asst. Professor, Chemistry)
  • Survey community needs for leadership development and assess TAMIU’s role in meeting that need.
  • Examine leadership development on campus to ensure we are training the next generation of campus leaders.
  • Determine how we, as a campus, can best instill leadership and citizenship in our students.

Mike Marasco (McDonald’s Owner/Operator)
Minita Ramirez (VP, Student Success)

Community Members University Members
Natalie Hernández (Falcon National Bank) Jackelyne K. Briseño (Institutional Advancement, Student Philanthropy)
Nelly Vielma (Attorney, Councilwoman) Alfonso Vergaray (Assistant Professional)
David Newman (Vice President, BP Newman Investments/ Church’s Chicken) ✝ Alfredo Ramírez (Associate Professor/Chair, Education)
Gloria Rendon (United ISD) Araceli Sandoval (HR Specialist, Immigration)
Chief Treviño (Laredo Police Department) Jazmin Gibeaut (Outreach Coordinator)
  • Predict where Los Dos Laredos will be in the next 10-15 years and the ensuing potential opportunities and problems.
  • Examine the major political, financial, and economic forces that can impact the regional economy and recommend TAMIU’s response.
  • Study the impact of changing technology on logistics and transportation, oil and gas, education, and manufacturing.

Margarita Flores (IBC, Marketing)
Stephen Meardon (Director, Center for Study of Western Hemispheric Trade)

Community Members University Members
Milo Richer (Customs, Cargo and Freight) Federico Schaffler (Director, Texas Center)
Priscilla Salinas (Laredo Medical Center) Michael González (Director, SBDC)
Lisa Morales (Realtor) Elena Martínez (Comptroller)
Alfonso Arguindegui (Arguindegui Oil Companies)
Brian Moreno (COO, Clear Vision)
  • Study how we promote/improve community engagement for our students, staff and faculty.
  • Examine ways to build better connections with the Cities of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, Webb County, civic and non-profit community organizations.
  • Expand the cultural and artistic contributions of the University to the greater Laredo community
  • Examine how we promote positive international relationships, including study abroad, as well as student and faculty exchanges to expand our mission as the International University.

Joe Palacios (Banker)
Gina Gonzalez (Assoc. VP, Student Success)

Community Members University Members
Susana Valencia (City President, BBVA) Elizabeth Rubio (Director, Events and Operations Fine and Performing Arts Center)
Elmo López (Gateway Health Center) Belva González (Clinical Assistant Director)
Alma Acevedo (President, Global Tooling Specialties) John Kilburn (Associate VP, Research and Professor of Sociology)
Renato Ramírez (IBC, Banker/Rancher) Jack Byham (Asst. Professor, Political Science)
Viviana Frank (Frank Architects) Haibo Wang (Assoc. Professor, Decision Science)
  • Examine the perception/image of TAMIU in the region and beyond.
  • Reinforce constructive images and propose strategies to improve negative images.
  • Examine the role of expanding athletics in promoting our image.

Shashi & Priya Vaswani (About Time, Laredo Heat)
Claudia San Miguel (Dean, College of Arts and Sciences)

Community Members University Members
Yamile Gallegos (Physician Assistant) Elizabeth Rubio (Director, Events and Operations Fine and Performing Arts Center)
J. J. Haynes (Rancher) Tami Summers (Adjunct, University College)
Evelyn Sames (Sames Auto Group) Rory King (Director, Web Services)
Luis Villarreal (KGNS) Rob Evans (Associate Professor, Marketing)
Sergio Salinas (Head Football Coach, Alexander)
Thelma Cuellar
TAMIU 45 Committee
Imagine 2045
Committee Members