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Fifty years ago, audio cassettes, eight-track tapes, LPs and the radio waves reigned supreme – and now, 50 years later, digital music services give listeners instant access to millions of songs. Through the years and three distinct identities, Texas A&M International University has always been synonymous with progress and innovation.

That’s why, as part of our 50th-Anniversary Celebration, we’ve curated a Spotify playlist that dives deep into the relationship that University students have had with music and culture over the years.

University offices and departments have been invited to take part by creating their own dedicated, themed playlist that highlights their unique campus perspective. Click below to listen to our 50th Anniversary Celebration Playlist, or explore our themed playlists.

To listen on a mobile device, download the free Spotify app through your device’s app store. Be sure to follow our TXAMIU Spotify channel for playlist updates.