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Our Story is Your Story. Together, We’ve Made a World of Difference. So…let’s share that story!

For 50 Years, the University has made a World of Difference…As a former student, faculty member or friend, you’ve helped our University deliver its mission, reach milestones and help change lives. Tell us your story, who you are, when you attended or graduated from the University. Photos or videos from your time are a great way to bring our story to life, and you can attach them below.

Here’s some stories you might want to share:
  • The faculty member you remember most.
  • Your degree program and how it’s changed your life.
  • That favorite class project you almost didn’t finish.
  • A Study Abroad experience you cherish.
  • That special someone you met here who continues to be a part of your life.
  • A moment in the University’s life that you consider historic.
  • Your time in a student club, organization or activity.
  • Share your favorite University tradition.
  • The people or experiences you remember most.
  • Are you from a family of University grads here? Share their stories too!
  • A moment here that changed your world.
Whether you’re an alum, former student, faculty, staff member or University friend, you’re part of our Dustdevil family. It's a story 50 Years in the help us tell it! After all, Your Story is Our Story and helped create A World of Difference!
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