Sick Leave

Eligible employees earn sick leave at the rate of eight hours per month or a fraction of a month's service. Part-time eligible employees earn sick leave based on the percentage of time worked. Sick leave may be accumulated without limit and there is no waiting period before sick leave may be taken.

A continuing employee who reduces employment to less than is necessary to qualify as a regular employee will earn no additional sick leave nor be able to use any sick leave while holding the nonqualifying position.

Sick leave may be taken when sickness, injury, or pregnancy and confinement prevent the employee from doing his or her job or when an ill member of the employee's immediate family needs the employee’s care and assistance. For purposes relating to sick leave, ”Immediate family” is defined as those individuals living in the same household and related by kinship, adoption, marriage, foster children who are certified by Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services; or a child for whom the employee is the court-appointed guardian. An employee’s minor child is considered immediate family even if the child does not live in the employee’s household. “Pregnancy and confinement” is defined as a temporary disability caused or contributed to by pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth and recovery therefrom.

An employee's use of sick leave for family members not residing in that employee's household is strictly limited to the time necessary to provide care and assistance to a child, spouse, or parent (but not parent-in-law) of the employee who needs such care and assistance as a direct result of a documented medical condition.

For additional information, please refer to System Regulation 31.03.02 Sick Leave: http://policies.tamus.edu/31-03-02.pdf

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