Parking Enforcement Procedures


I. Parking Enforcement Generally

  1. UPD enforces parking regulations as established in the TAMIU Traffic and Parking Regulations and the State of Texas Transportation Code.
  2. TAMIU Traffic and Parking Regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except on University recognized holidays, or when parking enforcement is waived as provided below.
  3. UPD officers authorized to enforce both TAMIU Traffic and Parking Regulations and the State of Texas Transportation Code.
  4. Student Workers, employed by UPD, are authorized to enforce TAMIU Traffic and Parking Regulations only.

B. Parking Violation Actions

  1. In the event a vehicle is determined to have violated a parking regulation or regulations, the vehicle shall be cited for the specific violation or violations involved. Student workers shall notify UPD officers if a vehicle is found to have violated a provision of the State of Texas Transportation Code.
  2. If a parked vehicle constitutes a hazard to the safe operation of other motor vehicles or to the safety of the university community, officers or student workers shall attempt to notify the owner of the vehicle so the owner can move the vehicle to a non-hazardous location.
    • a. If the owner refuses to move the vehicle or the officer or employee is unable to notify the owner after exhausting reasonable efforts, that vehicle may be impounded by UPD officers.
  3. If a parked vehicle is leaking or emitting noxious or hazardous gasses or other fluids, the vehicle shall be considered a hazardous vehicle and the procedures outlined in paragraph 2 above shall be followed.
    • b. If a vehicle is reasonably judged to constitute an immediate danger, it may be impounded or removed from University property while attempts to notify the owner are taking place.

C. Parking Enforcement:

There is no waiver of Parking Regulations for vehicles which constitute a hazard to other vehicles or to the University community.

II. Parking Citation Enforcement

A. Parking citations shall be recorded at UPD.

1. If the citation can be associated with a specific person, that action shall be taken immediately upon recording the citation.

2.  If the citation cannot be associated with a specific person, motor vehicle registration information shall be obtained through the Texas Department of Public Safety.

  • Reasonable efforts shall be made to associate the registered owner of the cited vehicle with a person affiliated with TAMIU.
  • If no such association can be made, the registered owner information shall be entered in the citation information file.
  • Citations issued to persons not affiliated with the University shall be reviewed to determine, if possible, the status of the person who received the citation.

Guests and other persons who are cited for violating the TAMIU Traffic and Parking Regulations shall be given consideration before collection action is taken.

The best interests of the University shall be a guiding factor in determining whether to pursue collection of any fine or fines associated with any parking violation.

B. Parking Fine Collection

I. Reasonable efforts shall be made to collect unpaid parking fines.

II. Parking fines which are not paid or appealed within seven working days of the date issued shall have a late fee added to the base fine.

  1. If a parking citation is appealed within seven working days from the date of issue, the seven working day time limit is tolled pending a decision by the Parking Appeals Committee.
  2. If the appeal is upheld (decided in favor of the appellant) the citation is to be eliminated and no fine imposed.

a). If the appeal is denied, (decided against the appellant) the appellant shall be notified by mail of the Committee decision and shall have seven days from the date of mailing the notice of decision to pay the fine.

  1. If the fine is unpaid at the end of the seven day period, the late fee shall be imposed.
  2. If a parking fine is unpaid at the end of the seven day period, the late fee shall be added to the citation amount.
  3. In addition to the late fee, if the person responsible for cited vehicle is a student, the student records shall be "Blocked" by entering the block in the University's Student Information System.
  4. In addition to the late fee, if the person responsible for the cited vehicle is a University employee, the Vice President for Finance and Administration shall be notified of the identity of the employee and the unpaid parking citation.

III Parking Citation Appeals


Appeals must be filed in person at the University Success Center Information Desk.  To file an appeal, follow these steps:

  •  Request an Appeal form from the customer service representative or you may print a form from the UPD website at http://www.tamiu.edu/adminis/police/appeal.shtml.
  • Submit your completed form to the USC Information Desk.  Forms may not be submitted online.
  • You may request an audience with the Appeal Committee to verbally state your case.  If you wish to do so, ask the representative for a docket date and time.  You may select from the next 2 available docket dates only.  You will have 5 minutes before the committee.  You are not required to appear before the Committee to file an appeal, however, if you request an audience and do not make your docket time, the Committee will still rule on your case. 
  • The decision of the Committee will be reported to the TAMIU Police Department within 7 days of your hearing, and the Police Department will email the appeal decision to the e-mail address you provide on the appeal form.  It is your responsibility to ensure you provide an active e-mail address.  It is also your responsibility to check this e-mail to learn of the disposition of your appeal. 

Appeals will be heard twice a month throughout the semester.  The committee is comprised of two students, a faculty member, a staff member, and a member from the judicial affairs department.  The Appeal Committee has a quorum of 3.

The Appeal Committee’s decisions are final, and the Police Department will adhere to and uphold the Committee’s decisions.  If the Appeal Committee finds in your favor and the appeal is granted, you will receive an email from the TAMIU Police Department and your citation will be removed with no further action on your part required.    If the Committee denies your appeal, you will have 7 days from the date the decision was rendered to pay your citation and avoid a late fee.  After those seven days, a late fee will be imposed, and a hold will remain on your account until all fees are paid.

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