Procedures for Designated Parking Spaces

1.The Faculty of the Year, Administrator of the Year and Staff Member of the Year (Honorees) are awarded "Honors" that include a cost free designated parking space and a special parking permit. When the parking space is raffled away, for the benefit of scholarships and/or other University purpose, the designated space not the cost free aspect of the award, is passed on to the raffle winner. Conversely, when a person participates and wins a raffled designated parking space they win the parking space only and must still purchase a current TAMIU parking permit.

2.The Honorees may still utilize their special parking permit in any TAMIU parking lot.

3.The raffled designated Parking space winners may choose where they would like their parking spaces to be placed provided that sign poles are already in concrete areas or existing visitor parking spaces. New sign poles may be installed in grassy areas if they do not create a hazard. The winners should contact Physical Plant at 2305 or at email : facil@tamiu.edu.

4.These designated parking areas are enforced 24 hours a day and violators will be cited, booted and charged for removal of the boot.



Contact us: 326-2100 or E-Mail: dispatcher@tamiu.edu